Factory equipment

As patent attorney I offer professional counsel by taking over the following activities:

  • Conducting searches on a worldwide basis for relevant prior art or earlier rights
  • Preparation of intellectual property right applications in close co-operation with the inventors
  • Filing intellectual property right applications and assuming representation before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office or the European Patent Office
  • Advise on the chances of grant or registration of intellectual property rights
  • Extending intellectual property rights to other countries throughout the world through long-standing co- operation with foreign associates
  • Management of portfolios of existing patents and intellectual property rights
  • Monitoring terms and fee payments
  • Monitoring application activities of third parties (competitors)
  • Defending your intellectual property rights against third-party attack (competitors)
  • Taking action against third-party (competitor) intellectual property rights of concern
  • Advise on questions of possible infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Taking over representation in patent litigation procedures
  • Assistance with negotiations and formulation of contracts
  • Advising business management in all areas of intellectual property rights